Friday, 19 November 2010

I've had a wait come back, you might get a giggle out of this.
Why does Christmas last so long?

You see everyone else, except the Queen, only gets one day. Yet Christmas just goes on and on and on. I think it has to do with the length of labour. For most of us, from water breaking to baby popping, labour takes less than 24 hours. Longer labours are quite common, especially amongst first time mothers. Bingo. Mary was a first time mom, and a virgin at that.

But how long did it take her to squeeze out little JC? I think a major clue comes from a popular Christmas song. The twelve days of Christmas. 12 days! With a labour like that we should be celebrating the mother and not the sprog.

Why exactly did it take so long though? Well lets think about this for a second. Firstly JC is the son of God, and God is everywhere and knows everything. Which means He's huge with a ginormous head. Imagine trying to squeeze the offspring of that out of you! secondly JC, being the son of God, was pretty advanced compared to mere mortals. Also if you remember, JC was a bit of an entertainer, turning water into wine and walking on water etc.

So imagine if you will, Marys' water has just broken. Joseph takes a peak and sees a tiny hand, which promptly disappears. It pops back out and starts waving at him. Slightly startled, Joe leans in closer and hears baby mumblings. Which reveal both why Christmas lasts so long, and who is to blame for one of the most annoying songs ever.

Little JC "You put you left armie out, you pull you left armie in. In, out, in, out, you shake it all put your right footie out..."

12 days of this! And people wonder why God sent his only son to Earth, it was for some hokey cokey peace!

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