Thursday, 22 March 2012

Two idiots and the internet

So quite a long time ago, Almighty D and myself kicked around an idea. For an even longer time people have been almost literally pissing themselves laughing at our rants and idiotic conversations, and The Boy wanted a recording to prove to his friends just how daft we are.
Now it should be said that we didn't actually know we were being funny, quite often we were serious indeed.
So anyway, Almighty D looked at his camcorder, looked at me, then at the camcorder, back to me and said "Did you just fart?"
After a lengthy conversation about the intricacies of farting, we had an idea.
We were going to do a vlog/web series of our rants and debates. We'd invite a random person to each episode and provide a topic. Then we'd ignore the topic and talk bollocks for ten minutes or so.
We'll probably start with a few stories of our past. Usually starting with "This one time Almighty D and I.." and ending with something on fire.
So check back soon and we'll have a YouTube channel up and running as well as blog somewhere on the interwebs.