Wednesday, 18 July 2012

To the dark side and back

I recently had an interesting experience with alcohol, and not the good kind of interesting. You see deep down, well not that deep down, I'm an arsehole. Add a shit load of mostly Tequila and I become a complete dick.

Overall I had a good time, and so did those around me, but i couldn't stop myself from being a dick. There was a guy there being a complete and utter sleaze, and I found myself planning his murder. While I'm sure most people have had similar fantasies, I was quietly collecting the items I would need...which needless to say wasn't good. Of course I didn't go through with my plans, even though he was giving a particularly hard time to someone i care a great deal about.

Then I did something a little stupid, which I'm quite ashamed of really. I hid a note professing my love for someone I really shouldn't. Regret set in and my Tequila fuelled mind wandered off to where it usually goes when I've drank too much. I've always had this fantasy of disappearing, of walking off into the night and never been seen again. No-one notices and the world is a better place.

The guilt of my previous thoughts and actions lead my imagination to assembling notes for all those I care about, planning my suicide and wondering if being the first martyred bomber against a terrorist would be a suitably ironic death.

At this point the really stupid part of my brain kicked in and I imagined all suicide bombers to be tanked on Mexico's finest, and if the U.N. would just go to war on Tequila then the world would be a happier place.

I guess we all have to take the consequences of our actions, have some self control and run when there's Tequila on offer