Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The big Wait

So another year down, and boy has stuff been happening. I find myself at Almighty D's place yet again. Which is cool. I find myself looking back and wondering what the hell happened in 2009.

Well for one I have been writing a screenplay with Mom. It's been.....interesting. The story is great, or at least I think so, but what has been particularly interesting is our different working methods. Lets just say we clash, badly, but somehow what comes out of the mess still makes me laugh. So hopefully other people will like it as much as I do and make it for TV.

And then in summer I started painting, well spraypainting. And people keep asking me to paint pictures for them so they must like my work. All I know is I like doing it. I even had interest from a small art gallery....fuck me sideways with a platypus lol

Then I go and meet an American online, a female American. A gorgeous, funny and intelligent female American. I was DJ'ing for a web radio station and she fell for my voice, and no it had nothing to do with bad breath. My name is Midnite and I'm addicted to mints. Anyway after my uncontrollable flirting kicked in, it turns out she likes more than my voice. RESULT!

Almighty D woke me up ridiculously early one morning, mamma D had passed away after a long illness. Mamma D was an incredible woman. She was a good friend to me, an unbelievably generous soul and she scared the shit out of me. A hard time was had by all, and pulled us all closer together, which I like to think is what she would have wanted. There is a group of us fellas (Almighty D, myself, Big M, Mick the sailor man and comrade Mike)and we were her boys. Brothers by bond, not blood. Mamma D did that, forged life-long bonds between people. She will be missed.

Christmas passed with little even....other than a dawn assault by the fluffy rain paratroopers. Managed to get out of the obligatory visit to the olds thanks to flu contracted at Almighty D's household. That guy always gives the best presents.

So now I am here again, in internetland, a year on. Less than 36 hours till a gorgeous female American arrives, and I'm getting fookin nervous. I usually do the first time I'm with someone, but usually only when it comes to the peeling off of clothes. This time is different. This is major.

I love her, I love my renewed interest in art, I love creating and I love what the future might hold. Now I know that she is going to read this, she asked me for the linkage as I'm typing. What can I say to her on my ramble spot from my darkest recesses? I love you, Almighty D wants your candy and my foot has gone to sleep.

2010 is looking bloody good

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