Monday, 15 December 2008

what the hell?

Something rather odd occurred to me today. I decided, for the first time in ages, to have a look at a certain website for old school friends to reconnect. At first all seemed normal. Then a pattern emerged. Pretty much everyone, or at least everyone on the website, that I went to school with is married with kids. Now I'm quite comfortable with the fact that I am fast approaching 30, but I still consider that young and reckless. 30 is no age to be settled down and sensible. What happened to living life first?

Then I noticed something else, something a bit more personal. More specifically my exs.
One is married, another is engaged. OK, fair enough. Good for them. One has turned lesbian and has set up home with her life partner. What the fuck? While this isn't actually a big deal, and I'm very happy for her....this doesn't do a guys' ego much good.

Now I may be clutching at straws, but I immediately think of the film Good Luck Chuck. For those not familiar with this movie, it's about a guy who is cursed so that any woman he sleeps with will immediately meet the person of their dreams (not Chuck). Soon women start to take advantage of this odd dating service, and Chuck does his bit for woman kind.

Now obviously to believe something similar is happening to me is delusional. But hey, I'm young-ish, carefree-ish and if I want to delude myself then why not?

Then again there's a lot to be said for pratting about and "wasting" your life doing fun and meaningless things.

p.s. if you have more hair on your back than most people have on their heads, then sorry I can't help you.

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