Thursday, 25 December 2008


This year I have had enough.
Enough commercial exploitation.
Enough false cheer....and most of all

Enough of Christianity.

We are blasted with adverts encouraging us to spend more money than we have at Christmas. Why? To keep rich businessmen and women in gainful employment.

We are expected to smile and give a jolly "Merry Christmas" to all. Not to do so is so unthinkable you would be shunned and ridiculed for all time
Sorry I don't like you, so fuck off and die.

And worst of all, the whole concept of Christmas was invented by the Christians to convince Pagans that they were Christian. You see Pagans always celebrated the winter solstice, which marked both the shortest night of winter but also the end of the religion involved. Then along came the Christian conversion machine and decided that Pagans should be Christian, mostly by convincing them that they already were. One of the Christian methods was to adopt a ritual or holiday, claim it was Christian and make up a history to back up this claim. Now I'm not debating the birth of Christ, but before the mass conversion of Europe, His birth was generally celebrated between mid October and early November.

I say dump the commercial X-mas and take back the winter solstice. Celebrate the end of a year with people you genuinely care about. Instead of gifts, give those special to you a hug. Give thanks to God, Allah, Obi-wan Kenobi...or who-ever, that the year hasn't been that bad and winter is almost over.

Rise up and take back winter, celebrate JCs' birthday actually on his birthday. We didn't hijack the holiday, but continuing it isn't right either.

Happy solstice to all and may next year be better to you than this year was.

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